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Starting Your Own Bagel Store
Saving Time, Money and Space by using Raw Dough Bagels
     Your dream of owning and operating your very own bagel store can be realized with less money then you thought.  Traditionally, bagel stores made their own dough in the store.  This process is labor intensive.  Moreover, the machinery associated with bagel and dough manufacturing can be expensive and can take up valuable space in your store.  Bagel store owners across the country have found a new method.  New bagel store operators are finding out that they do not have to make the bagel dough in their own store, but rather, they can order and bake-off already made raw dough bagels.  Since the baking of the bagels is still done at the store level, customers will be able to smell the bagels baking in the oven.
I.      Reduce your need for Labor Resources
Less wasted labor resources equals more profits.  By purchasing pre-formed dough bagels, your labor resources will not need to be dedicated to mixing the dough, and working on the bagel making machine.  Rather, you can use your paid labor more effectively in other areas of your business.
II.    Reduce your need for Physical Space
By ordering frozen dough, you will not need to purchase and store: (1) a dough mixing machine (2) a bagel making machine; (3) the many ingredients that go into making different flavor bagels (flour, yeast, sugar, raisins, blueberries, etc.); and (4) you will not need as many bagel racks that take up space in your store.  All you will need is freezer space and a oven.  Overall, the new bagel store which uses frozen dough will not need as much square footage as one that makes its own dough.  As an added benefit, smaller spaces equals less rent per month.  Consider that when looking for your new stores location.
III.   Reduce your Start-Up Costs:
Less Equipment means smaller initial investment.  You will not need to buy expensive bagel equipment (bagel mixer and bagel forming machine).  Additionally, you should also realize a savings in rent because you will not need as large of a store.
IV.    Deliver to your Customers a Great-Tasting Consistent Product
Aside from the above reasons, you will be able offer your customers a wide variety of flavors with minimal effort.  A&S Bagels offers many varieties to satisfy the most demanding consumer taste.  Moreover, you will be able to serve your customers genuine great tasting NY Bagels.  A list of the flavors offered by A&S Bagels, Inc. is below.



Cinnamon Raisin

Sun Dried Tomato

Whole Wheat

Oat Bran Raisin Walnut



French Toast

Chocolate Chip






Cheddar Cheese



E-mail A&S Bagels for more information about wholesale bagel orders. 


A&S BAGELS, Inc., 761 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square, New York 11010

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