A Bialy is different from a bagel because it has no hole in the middle and also a bialy is not boiled prior to baking.  A&S Bagels are boiled before being baked, whereas, our bialys are not boiled.  A bialy has onion topping for flavor.  A bialy is usually enjoyed with cream cheese.  We serve our bialys in our retail store.  Our bialys are also available for wholesale purchase fully baked unfrozen, frozen par-baked, frozen raw dough style and frozen thaw and serve style.  

A&S Bagels are made in the authentic New York tradition.  Please e-mail us at bagelmail@aandsbagels.com to arrange for deliveries.  We make and bake bagels in a wide variety of delicious flavors, which include the following flavors pictured below:  

Plain Bagel from A&S Bagels Cinnamon Raisin Bagel
Plain "Classic" Cinnamon Raisin Pumpernickel

Sesame Seeded Everything Multi-Grain

French Toast Bagels, Powdered Sugar Poppy Seeded Bagel from A&S Bagels Whole Wheat Bagel from A&S Bagels
French Toast Poppy Seeded Whole Wheat

Rye Bagels
Onion Rye Garlic

Bagel Flats
Bagel Twists Mini-Bagels Bagel Flats

Sun-Dried Tomato Blueberry Jalapeno

Bialy Chocolate Chip Marble

Salted Cheddar Cheese Egg

Party Bagel   St. Patrick's Day "Green Bagel"

Our bagels are Kosher and are under Rabbinical supervision.  A&S Bagels are available for sale to the public at our retail store located in Franklin Square, New York.  Additionally, our bagels can be purchased wholesale for resale.  Wholesale Buying means to purchase large quantities of an item (buy in bulk) at reduced prices with the goal of re-selling or serving the product to the end consumer.  Accordingly, A&S Bagels sells our bagels in large quantities at reduced prices to other bagel stores, bakeries, hotels and other food service institutions.

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