Running a more Efficient Bagel Shop

     Your dream of owning and operating your very own bagel store can be realized with less stress and less money then you thought.

     Our premium quality raw dough bagels can be delivered to your bagel store.  You will be able to save money on ingredients, machinery and labor.  By ordering the dough from us, you won’t need a mixer, storage space for the flour, a bagel former and divider.  All the while, you will be able to bake off premium gourmet New York Bagels, and serve your customers a great tasting consistent bagel.  


Below is a partial list of suggested items:

Walk-in Freezer to store the frozen dough bagel cases.  Typically, we recommend a walk-in freezer at least 6 feet by 6 feet.  Of course the space available at your location will dictate how large of a freezer you can have. 


A walk-in Refrigerator, to store your cream cheeses, meats, and your bagels while in the proofing stage.  


Bagel Proof Boards


Revolving Oven with Kettle and Hood or Rack Oven - You can also use a convection oven, or deck oven.


Bagel Peel Board


Bagel Scoop for Kettle


Bagel Boards (and Burlap)


An Oven Brush


Bagel Display Baskets




You will NOT need a bagel dough former and divider.


You will NOT need a dough mixer.

     A&S Bagels, Inc. makes and distributes raw dough bagels to bagel shops throughout the country.  These bagel stores absolutely love serving authentic New York bagels to their customers.  We often hear praises from the bakers in these stores about how great the bagels come out, and how easy it is to work with our dough. 

     Our bagels have received great acclaim and media attention.  CBS and Fox News have taped lived from our retail and baking facilities.  We were voted best bagels by the Z-100 Morning Radio Show, and have been mentioned in Newsday and on the Howard Stern Show.

     We offer a wide variety of flavors to satisfy the most demanding consumer.  Your customers will be ecstatic over the flavor choices.  Our flavor line includes:  


French Toast

Cinnamon Raisin





Whole Wheat  


Chocolate Chip  



Sun Dried Tomato


Cheddar Cheese


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